Hey there!  👋🏻
I am Stephanie Jagschitz –  a multidisciplinary designer, scout and mountain lover based in Rankweil, Austria.
My passion is designing at the intersection of motion, user interface and user experience design. With a strong background in graphic design and media psychology, I'm very passionate about drafting strong concepts and designing videos that not just look and feel nice and smooth, but also deliver a clear message. 
Currently, I am available for remote freelance work.
My approach to design
Whether it is graphic design, motion design, UI or UX design – there's one thing I strongly believe all of these design disciplines have in common: It's the fact that good design is not just here to appeal to the users' eye, but to help users and customers understand the given information, help them use it for their own purposes and – last but not least – to create great experiences. 
All of this can only be achieved with empathy and a profound understanding of the users motives and needs. This also includes a variety of psychological aspects, e.g. such as how humans perceive and process information. This empathetic and human-centered approach is what characterizes my work.
Professional Experience
Within 8 years of relevant design experience, I've had the pleasure to work with a lot of crazy talented people at  Strichpunkt – Agentur für visuelle Kommunikation,  WE SUM Collective,  jangled nerves,  Blue Ocean Entertainment,  Ströck  and many more. 
You might have already noticed that some of my latest projects are password protected. If you're interested in my more corporate projects, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll send you a private password to access those videos.
If you have any further questions regarding my work, feel free to contact me any time.
Always happy to help!
You can find my resumé here: 

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