About Cineamo
Cineamo is a software solution for cinemas and movie fans, aiming to digitalize the film industry and increase alternative content in cinemas. By using the Cineamo App, users are finally capable of requesting films and planning their own exciting events in their favourite cinema. Gaming? Business presentation? Binge-watching your favourite series? Digitization and Cineamo make it possible!
App Trailer
This Trailer explains the main features of the Cineamo app to people that have never heard of Cineamo before. With some textual input from my team, I developed a concept for the trailer, designed the visuals and executed the animation.
Picturemark Construction
Program & Events
The Request-a-film-feature, the main feature of the app, was hidden on the screen displaying past and future events. It was represented by a simple "Plus"-Icon on the top right corner.
The Request-a-film-feature is now located in the navigation bar and has got its own icon. The function can be found more easily because it is labelled and placed more prominently.
The onboarding screen was very low on information. The wording was not very empathetic and there was a huge lack of information about what the app is for and how to use it.
Instead of placing the entire information on one screen, I designed a slider highlighting the key features of the app. Each screen was illustrated accordingly and the accompanying texts were rewritten in a way that speaks to the user more directly.
Event Detail Screen
The "Event Detail Screen", as we call it, was dense on information and yet some important facts were missing. The picture was very small and the movie's title on top of the screen was redundant.
I redesigned the screen to fit the new branding and incorporated further information like the state of the requested film and the name of the user who requested it. We also removed the views counter, since it is not of use for the user.
Popcorn Loader
Curious? Download the app and request a movie or plan an event yourself!
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