Introducing: #HandsOnMetrology
This video has been produced to introduce #HandsOnMetrology to a broader audience.  My role was to animate the website's interface and create a dynamic animation using Adobe After Effect's 3D Camera.

If you're interested in learning about 3D metrology, feel free to have a look at the website and the corresponding Youtube-Channel!
Logo Animation
On Air Design & Motion Toolkit
Since #HandsOnMetrology is all about 3D scanning and learning, the website hosts a lot of video content. To ensure a consistent design and multi-channel branding, me and the amazing team behind #HandsOnMetrology animated and programmed a motion toolkit. The motion toolkit contains the logo animation, intros, lower thirds, animated info boxes and outros in several variations. 
If you'd like to see some examples, just visit the website or the corresponding Youtube-Channel and enjoy the latest video content on 3D scanning. 
WE SUM Collective, for Gom GmbH
Concept & Production
WE SUM Collective
Berit Schneider, Mauricio Franicevich Garcia, Gunnar Menzel
Kim Kreiser
Motion Design & Animation
Stephanie Jagschitz
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